Placemaking Strategy • Spatial Ux/UI


Design that empowers communities

Strategising, conceptualising and designing physical interactions to engage community stakeholders to gather consensus for development priorities.
Work Highlights
In-house Design Strategist
With 3+ years working with Epic, my role has shifted and expanded into multiple hats from crafting high-level proposals to innovating placemaking strategies for our variety of clients (Obama Foundation, Bon Estates, MBPJ) with an emphasis on environmental & community sustainability into immersive activities, toolkits and long-term engagements.

The selected projects cover UX expertise on understanding stakeholders from multiple demographics, usability studies for physical data gathering and implementing design installations that are highly engaging and easy to participate.
Placemaking Strategies
Interactive Design
Installation Concepts
Strategising physical methods that encouraging diverse stakeholders to share ideas
Feasibility Studies
Successfully introducing and implementing placemaking as a new service offering
Co-designing with architects and fabricators on producing installations and visuals
Determining key data required for each engagement and extracting what is useful for clients

Placemaking Highlights

Creating engaging and immersive live installations
Obama Foundation
International NGO partnership
Working with Obama Foundation, we were appointed to curate a live furniture building workshop for local schools participated by President Obama, Mrs. Michelle Obama and over 150+ regional Obama Leaders from SEA countries.

I helped conceptualise physical interactions that boost the event space & atmosphere, bridge cultural gaps and visualise the project impact and narrative for better understanding of the local communities and outcomes.

The main installation serves as an engagement wall where participants can write personal notes of encouragement and advice to student recipients for their lives ahead.
Bon Estates
Engagement for real estates
In efforts to better connect with potential buyers for Bon Estates' new condominium project, we collaborated on a one-day engagement event where attendees can learn different aspects of sustainability.

We designed interactions that inspire attendees with simple questions about becoming a better neighbour, voting mechanisms for community development priorities, workshops in basic permaculture and a personalised salad-making station.
Millennium Park
Rejuvenating a public space
YB Hannah Yeoh, at her position as ADUN of Subang Jaya wanted to boost community upbuilding efforts and recommended us to curate placemaking initiatives for Millennium Park, situated by a traffic-packed central highway.

We conducted street and door-to-door interviews to learn about the residents' frustrations and built a makeshift installation to share their feedback and ideas. These were then implemented as prototype activities at the park for one day. The park is still dead, unfortunately 😵
Sustainability for local authorities
MBPJ, the local authority for my city approached us to design their sustainability-themed events. We designed interactive walls to connect their 500+ staff based on interests, share aspirations and shaped the sustainability narrative that envisions partnerships between civil authorities, community leaders and local businesses.
The Compass
Making offices feel alive
A fun project to create an inspiring, liveable space for our office led to several simple strategies like coordinating mural installations, wayfinding and boards that showcase the Epic culture of bringing ordinary people for extraordinary impact.

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