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Connecting people beyond co-working spaces

A mobile app project exploring alternatives to co-working spaces, giving flexibility to remote workers to connect with like-minded people and form collaborative opportunities.
Understanding the problems
With the rise of co-working spaces, I find sharing a fixed space less appealing in cost savings than the flexibility of working anywhere. At the same time, an estimated 64% of freelancers feel lonely, which led to designing an app that focuses on bringing people together – offering a cheaper solution than committing to a physical space.
Connecting people
Opening Other Spaces
Sharing Updates
Turn any space into a co-working avenue based on ratings for wifi, plug points and atmosphere.
Finding the easiest way strangers can connect based on interests and matched skills
Getting people excited and inspired by being able to share what they are working on
Enable opportunities to work together and growing the creative economy

Learning The Product

Three simply ways to get started – connect, book and share updates
Onboarding 🏄
App overview in 10 seconds
The premise of the app is nothing revolutionary, thus requiring minimal information for users to understand and start using. The three pillars integrating into the app is a social network, booking spaces and photo-sharing for project updates.

Unlocking Spaces

Anywhere with good wifi and coffee is a shareable working space
Find A Space
Easily accessing working spaces
Focusing on connecting people has another benefit of unlocking more spaces to connect people – libraries, coffee shops and other extra spaces. With a simple credit system, users can explore spaces where other remote workers are nearby.
Check In
Learn about what's going on
Each space gives clear key information like wifi strength, vacancy, plug points etc. to set ratings. Discover people that are currently there and book a seat with a tap of a button.
Now get your butt over there!
Once a seat is booked, users can quickly navigate their directions and head over to the designated space. The charging system is calculated based on checking in and out like a punch card system.

Discovering Collaborators

Matching the best talents in your community to boost your work
Showcase of who you are
Tap into a matched person to learn more about their biography, interests and follow them to get updates of their remote working activities.
Broadcast project updates
Use the platform as a journal to showcase your daily  progress of your recent projects to get feedback, collaboration opportunities and some love.
Find people to work with
Based on selected preferences in the user's profile, this forms an algorithm that determines who could be your next working buddy based on complementary skills.

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