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The future of solving waste is organic

There's an estimated 1.8 bil tonnes of food wasted every year. Microbs is the better and more sustainable solution to process organic waste that clogs homes, restaurants, malls and more.
Understanding the problems
The market for solving waste problems sounds just it as – utilitarian and unexciting. The client approached me to 'make it sexy' which led to a deeper dive into learning about the market and how best to position the company in a stale and backward industry. On top of that, the client had goals to expand from their B2B solutions into B2C consumer products.

The main insight that led to the rebranding process was clearly showcasing the transparency of the science of the products in contrast to the harmful chemical alternatives. To bridge the gap of B2C customer awareness, our goal was to learn and adopt the appeal of the beauty/skincare industry.

For this phase, we set the determined these deliverables –
Branding Identity
Website Design
Packaging Development
Rethink the existing logo and create an identity that works for B2B and B2C customers
Consider how the brand identity can be scaled onto physical product packaging
Create a landing page that explains what is Microbs and why it exists in the market

Building the Brand

Making transparent science approachable for all
Designing the Microbs Infinity
From the get-go, the new logo had to carry the same impression and integrity for both B2B and B2C customers. The logomark was designed to look like the future of organic waste solutions, with the ripple representing the organic enzymes that break down any gunk – forming an infinity 'M'.
Professional yet personable
With the idea of communicating the transparent science behind the products, we opted for minimal styling with a muted, professional color scheme for enterprise customers and supported by bright, popping alternatives for future retail consumers.

Cultivating Online Presence

Paving an online future for the organic waste market
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Landing Page
Organic waste solutions 101
With limited time for Microbs' launch, we opted for a high-level landing page that propels the brand away from its stagnant old website. The objectives were to help potential customers learn more about Microbs' products & services and educate about the problems of waste with clear, simple facts.

Exploring Packaging

Developing product ideas to go to market
Packaging Ideas
Small, medium and large
In preparation for future product launches, we explored minimal packaging options for all size ranges and with attempts on showcasing the brand possibilities on physical surfaces. These are not finalised and are released only at a prototyping stage.

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