The Chair Project

Hacking stools for public bus stops with lacking amenities #thechairproject

#HowToAwkard Series


The Chair Project is a series of citizen-built stool installations that arise from the lacking bus stop seating amenities in the city of Petaling Jaya from 2012-2015. To bring awareness to the issue, temporary urban seats were built to create a wider conversation around improving urban amenities and encourage citizens towards a more collaborative approach to city-making.


Based on personal experience as a commuter, the key locations were at Kelana Jaya, 1 Utama and the Curve areas. These were crucial nodes with regular sight of people standing. Waiting time for buses can be unpredictable, leading many to sit on the floor. With a low budget in mind, a few of us hand-built plywood stools for temporary use, but more importantly, a message to communicate the bigger issue at hand.


For all locations, we installed these seats on pop-up and temporary duration as an experiment. Interviews with local citizens on the project were recorded as they share their stories about accessibility and mobility within the city. This was all documented with written proposal letters to inform local authorities on allocating resources to fix these problems for good – which followed in action a few months later.


The Kelana Jaya LRT bus stop location are now equipped with proper amenities, as seen above. Other locations have either been totally overhauled with upgraded MRT station amenities and some bus stops remain unchanged, with the possibilities of improvement still in tact.

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