Launching crowdfunding features for a social good platform

UI/UX Design
Successfully launch crowdfunding product built upon the existing volunteering platform
Ideation, user flows, wireframing, high-fidelity mockups and prototyping features
Nov 2019 – Feb 2020
3-4 months


Sedunia is a platform that empowers anyone to join volunteering missions, track social impact and create local profiles for at-risk communities. Based on previously gathered user feedback, the most requested feature was to enable monetary transaction to support local social entrepreneurs and causes. Our team proceeded to develop a crowdfunding product that serves change-makers and adds another revenue stream to the business.

User journey mapping

Working with the team, we streamlined to new and existing personas. One main challenge was educating all users about the benefits of using the platform. We decided on creating three new landing pages as a solution to browse quickly through the site. General UX improvements were also considered in this process.

Key milestones
Launch crowdfunding
Create full-suite of campaign features like Kickstarter for discovery, browsing, payments and admin dashboards
Targeted landing pages
Help users better navigate the website by creating informative landing pages for volunteering & crowfunding
UI/UX improvements
Utilise opportunity to introduce a better overall experience for users

Landing pages

Crowdfunding campaigns

The main campaign page is designed to look familiar, yet communicate clear impact stories to potential fundraisers. All sections are designed to showcase relevant details, metrics, community and rewards that give users a sense of trust and accountable impact.

Supporting campaign causes

Each campaign has the option to enable any existing sponsor to start a personal campaign, like running 5km to boost funds for the main campaign. This personalises users to champion individual efforts that support a bigger cause and unlocks creativity from the community.

UX improvements

Cleaner sign-in and registration

The previous onboarding process was clunky and didn't resemble the new design. This simple modal was designed to streamlined the sign-in and registration process in a two-step process without leaving the page.

Intuitive search suggestions

The homepage search bar is designed to track popular & trending terms on the platform, which auto-populates queries to affirm users what they are looking for. This makes it easy to for search anything from missions, funding causes and community profiles on Sedunia.


After 1 year of launching the crowdfunding feature, Sedunia now exceeds in RM1+ mil. in funding local causes and social entrepreneurs in Malaysia. The recent COVID situation has enabled nationwide community support 50k+ families through these difficult times.

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