Sedunia –

Making community development accessible

Sedunia is a platform that enables anyone to join volunteering missions, track social impact and create profiles for local communities.

UI/UX Design


2019 – 2020
3-4 months
Product designer


Ideation, user flows, wireframing, visual design and high-fidelity mockups


Sedunia's strategy to further empower changemakers was to implement a crowdfunding feature to support local causes. As an in-house designer strategist, I volunteered to champion the product design efforts together with the CEO and engineering lead.

Main Goals

Crowdfunding feature

Create a differentiated experience from other existing funding platforms that emphasises and amplifies people and their stories.

Targeted landing pages

Construct a new pages that serves as a navigation gateway into Sedunia's features for volunteering, funding and tracking.

New visual design language

Use the opportunity to introduce a consistent UI system for the entire platform starting with the crowdfunding pages.

Understanding user discovery

Prior to developing the crowdfunding feature, we narrowed down users specifically for proper targeting. By mapping their personas, we thought of simplified ways new and existing users can interact with the platform.

The mapping process led to the strategic effort to develop three main landing pages with the goal of educating all users about Sedunia and directing them to the appropriate pages – a main homepage, a crowdfunding landing page and a local causes discovery page.

Fidroit - refonte site professionnels
Fidroit - refonte site professionnels
Fidroit - refonte site professionnels

Cleaner sign-in and registration

The previous onboarding process was clunky and looked like a different website. This was a suggestion for a modal-box design that streamlined the sign-in and registration process without leaving the page.

Fidroit par Ultrō - Stratégie digitale B2CFidroit par Ultrō - Stratégie digitale B2C

Intuitive search suggestions

Based on the high frequency of searches on the platform, we streamlined the homepage to be easy to search anything from missions, funding causes and profiles on Sedunia to access what users want with minimal friction.

The search bar suggests popular and trending terms on the platform and auto-populates your queries to affirm users what they're looking for.

Fidroit - refonte site professionnels
Fidroit - refonte site professionnels
Fidroit - refonte site professionnels


Le benchmark mené en amont du projet a révélé la difficulté qu’ont les marques à recommander les bons produits en fonction des usages. Dans un parcours d’achat sinueux, la marque doit assurer son rôle de conseil.

Nous avons développé avec Picture Organic Clothing un système simple et efficace de lecture des performances techniques des équipements.

Campaigns & clear impact

Our approach for individual funding campaigns was to help communicate accountable impact to potential sponsors and showcase the stories and network of communities involved.

The key essential principles are user familiarity,  showcasing stories and clarity of impact.

Campaign tabs

Each section in the campaign page is designed as modules that can be tested, scaled or removed without compromising the structure of the page. We considered familiar designs from existing crowdfunding platforms to reduce the navigational learning for users.

Fidroit - refonte site professionnels
Fidroit - refonte site professionnels
Fidroit - refonte site professionnels

Boost campaigns

Supporting causes from non-hosts

Each campaign has an option to enable any campaign supporter to start a related campaign which funds the main campaign. This personalises users to champion individual efforts that support a bigger cause and unlocks creativity from the community.

Community sharing

Live updates from latest funders

The campaign is made possible by funding supporters, so we designed features that highlight the collective effort by the community as visible as possible.

AJAX-style updates appear on the campaign page every time a sponsor funds the cause, giving a sense of momentum for the campaign.

Results & outcomes

After one year of launching the crowdfunding feature, Sedunia now exceeds in RM1+ mil. in funding communities across the nation. And with the recent COVID situation has helped support 50k families in difficult times.